To my Game of Temporal Lobe Fam

Epilepsy is much like the weather. It’s unpredictable and always changing. A sunny, 85 degree morning can quickly turn into a 58 degree with scattered thunderstorms afternoon.

With epilepsy, you can never predict what will happen next. You prepare for a picnic. Lightning strikes, and you have to watch the latest documentary on Netflix.

The weather is very unfavorable when we really don’t need it to. But through sunshine and rain, each of you have been right beside me.

Whether you were there at the beginning or met me along the way, I want to thank you for supporting me.

Thanks for putting up with my nonsense. Thanks for listening to my randomness and laughing, even when my jokes weren’t funny.

You gals and guys are the best! It’s because of you that my Walk to END Epilepsy this past weekend was such a success.

From the bottom of my purple heart, thank you, my ever-growing epilepsy fam!



Tuesday Ramblings

Everyday we learn new things. Our surroundings make us look at things in a different way. What we hear shapes our thoughts and opinions. Whether we learn something good or bad, everything we perceive is processed. Visual, acoustic and tactile perceptions are encoded and become part of our short-term and even long-term memories.

Last week, I learned something VERY important. Okay, maybe it’s not that important, but something worth mentioning. It’s the last piece of solid advice my old boss passed down to me. So what is this great piece of wisdom he bestowed on me? Well, here it goes.

Everyone hates Mondays. They are terrible because the fun has come to an end, and we must carry on with our adult responsibilities. Plus, who can possibly love a day that marks the conclusion of happy times?

On Tuesday, everyone has just survived Monday, but the long week is still ahead. Friday can’t even be seen in the distance.

On Wednesday, everyone is like “Yass, it’s humpday!” We’re almost there, and the worst is far behind us.

On Thursday, you can see the finish line! Friday Jr is here, and freedom is just around the corner.

On Friday, everyone is FRIYAY! We have those Friday feelings, and the finish line to happy hour is finally here.

In conclusion, there is no point to Tuesday. It is by far the worst day of the week, and it simply sucks!

Monday Reflections

Weekends are fun and relaxing. When Monday comes along, we remind ourselves we’re not children, but all grown up. I know it would be wonderful to sit in a tiny pool and play all day, but adults can’t do that. Mondays are for stepping out of the baby pool and taking a dive to swim in the adult world!


growing up

Friday Morning

coffee paint

It’s hard to stay awake when all I want to do is sleep.
It’s a struggle to stay focused when the eyes keep closing.

I hope some coffee and sugary sweets will help me today.
After all, it’s a new day, and I must live it with purpose.

Good morning to everyone, and happy Friday!

The e-filmmaker Auras

It’s Friday once again! I am really looking forward to the weekend. It’s been a busy week and I am in need of some good rest. It’s been 116 days after my surgery.  You’d think my energy would be back to normal, but it isn’t quite there yet. My headaches are increasing, but it isn’t anything a good night sleep won’t fix.

Flashback – July 18, 2012

I can handle your average headache, but there are others a little too difficult to control, much less describe. Auras followed me everywhere I’d go. Little warning signs before a seizure are always good, but sometimes that good just doesn’t make you feel all right. This is the best description I had to offer in 2012 and its the best one I believe I can ever offer.


Abrupt motion followed by static motion surrounds me. A blurred and distorted image, it’s something I cannot control. Focus on and off. Focus off and on. Eyes are not set on automatic, but manual. I’m like a amateur camera operator. Four years of technical film education appear to be useless, and I’m just left with the studies portion. It’s like a Dutch angle image with nonlinear cuts. Color correction has yet to take place. It’s a majestic yellow, warm, sunny day. Filtered with warm, opaque colors; it’s mosaic at best. Confusion sets in with a clarity indescribable. The most miniscule things come into deep focus. A small crack in the pavement and an almost invisible crease become magnified into too much perfection. With great insight, come powerful electrical waves. The heart begins to beat a little faster. The head seems to expand and cause pressure. The great image becomes more of an unpleasant view that hurts much like a paper cut. It’s invisible and small, but it causes more pain than you’d think possible. Confusion distorts image. A sense of clouded emotion takes form. In and out the image is displayed, until nothing is left. Yet the picture never faded, but was forgotten. Consciousness sets in, but what once was clear seems distant, just like faded memories that will soon be erased. Exhaustion takes its course. Eyes closed with no recollection of what really happened and what really didn’t. When I awaken, it will seem to be more like a dream or a nightmare, depending on how you decide to look at it.

It continues. The constant in and out trances. I try to force myself out of them, but they are too strong sometimes. I don’t think there is anything I can do about them. Fighting them I must. They will not overcome me. The journey will be long. Many times I know I will fail, but giving up I will not.


Who likes to work? Most people look forward to Friday so they can take a break from the long week. I look forward to the weekend so I can get energized for the coming week. Being able to do a full day of work means being a little closer to normalcy. I like normalcy and I can’t wait to continue working a little more each day.

I make a toast to the coming week. May we all find the strength to continue and get a little closer to realizing our dreams!