Tuesday Ramblings

Everyday we learn new things. Our surroundings make us look at things in a different way. What we hear shapes our thoughts and opinions. Whether we learn something good or bad, everything we perceive is processed. Visual, acoustic and tactile perceptions are encoded and become part of our short-term and even long-term memories.

Last week, I learned something VERY important. Okay, maybe it’s not that important, but something worth mentioning. It’s the last piece of solid advice my old boss passed down to me. So what is this great piece of wisdom he bestowed on me? Well, here it goes.

Everyone hates Mondays. They are terrible because the fun has come to an end, and we must carry on with our adult responsibilities. Plus, who can possibly love a day that marks the conclusion of happy times?

On Tuesday, everyone has just survived Monday, but the long week is still ahead. Friday can’t even be seen in the distance.

On Wednesday, everyone is like “Yass, it’s humpday!” We’re almost there, and the worst is far behind us.

On Thursday, you can see the finish line! Friday Jr is here, and freedom is just around the corner.

On Friday, everyone is FRIYAY! We have those Friday feelings, and the finish line to happy hour is finally here.

In conclusion, there is no point to Tuesday. It is by far the worst day of the week, and it simply sucks!

Not a Monday, but a Tuesday Reflection: Nature’s Music

piano keys

Life Crossed Out and Rewritten

In life, there are storms. My Monday turned out to be a Tuesday. The weather caused the electricity to go out, but I can still reflect on the music around us.

The cold wind sings.
The thunder roars.
The rain drips and drops.


Life Crossed Out and RewrittenWhen the weather becomes overbearing, remember there is a sunrise at the end of the road.

The birds will begin to chirp.
The wind will begin to whistle.
The sun will start  to shine.


Through harsh winters and summer droughts, we listen to nature’s music. On rainy days, you can hear the green tree frog call. It’s a perfect day to stay indoors and read. Summer brings out the Bumblebees. Their gentle buzz can be heard amongst the flowers. Let’s go out for a picnic!

We can create our own music! I personally like the sound of violins and pianos. Music can make us laugh and cry. It’s simply therapeutic, and we don’t always need an iPod.