November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month: Ready to spread awareness?

We’re a third of the way into the month so this post comes a little late, but late is better than never. November is National Epilepsy Awareness month, and this is our chance to share our story and educate others about seizures. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the winter of 2009, I awoke to confusion as paremedics held anContinue reading “November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month: Ready to spread awareness?”

Monday Reflections: Finding Yourself

  The atmosphere is but a blank canvas. Color exists only in the form of charcoal grays. I’m standing in the middle of nowhere where the mountains are my only companions. I tip toe across this rocky terrain hoping not to fall through the cracks. In this place, I’m searching for the girl I used toContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Finding Yourself”

Monday Reflections: The Beast Within

How do you live with a monster in your head? How do you continue when it tries to knock you dead? I’ve found myself caught between two worlds. There’s the easygoing Dr. Jekyll. And there’s the frightening Mrs. Hyde. Jekyll and Hyde. Which one really am I? I can’t control the latter. I want toContinue reading “Monday Reflections: The Beast Within”

Friends, let me introduce you to my annoying neighbor “E”

Faces smiling and eyes half rolling at my quirky, silly manners stare back at me with a hint of sadness and worried expression. The laughter and “you’re so funny” occurrences have forever vanished. Their ending brought on by my most recent tonic-clonic seizure. After much-needed rest, I went back in with my usual witty self, butContinue reading “Friends, let me introduce you to my annoying neighbor “E””

Let’s all talk about it and raise awareness for National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

November is epilepsy awareness month. And as the month rolls on, I look at my disorder and see how it has come, gone, returned and evolved in the process. Epilepsy monster, medicines upon medicines never calmed you. After years of toil, I thought surgery would do the trick. For three years, you laid dormant and silent.Continue reading “Let’s all talk about it and raise awareness for National Epilepsy Awareness Month!”

Medical Questionares: Is it yes or no?

In medical questionnaires, there is never a “maybe”. There is only a “yes” or a “no”. Those yellow carbon papers, I’ve filled time and time again, always included that one haunting “yes”. I didn’t experience dizziness, change in speech, tremors, numbness, loss of strength, etc. My “yes” existed because of my epileptic seizures. I strongly dislike checking this little boxContinue reading “Medical Questionares: Is it yes or no?”