Friends, let me introduce you to my annoying neighbor “E”

Faces smiling and eyes half rolling at my quirky, silly manners stare back at me with a hint of sadness and worried expression. The laughter and “you’re so funny” occurrences have forever vanished. Their ending brought on by my most recent tonic-clonic seizure. After much-needed rest, I went back in with my usual witty self, butContinue reading “Friends, let me introduce you to my annoying neighbor “E””

Let’s all talk about it and raise awareness for National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

November is epilepsy awareness month. And as the month rolls on, I look at my disorder and see how it has come, gone, returned and evolved in the process. Epilepsy monster, medicines upon medicines never calmed you. After years of toil, I thought surgery would do the trick. For three years, you laid dormant and silent.Continue reading “Let’s all talk about it and raise awareness for National Epilepsy Awareness Month!”

A strangers kindness

Since last December, I’ve been learning to deal with epilepsy all over again. This new version of epilepsy has come in the form of grand mal seizures and not my previous complex partial seizures. My body doesn’t like the physical exhaustion this new type leaves, but it beats having them sparingly versus small handfuls ofContinue reading “A strangers kindness”

A relapse into hell’s kitchen

How did a three-year streak turn into three-days? How did the renewed independence and freedom disappear with just the change in time? These and so many more questions swirl in my mind, but will I ever find real answers to any of them? Most people never find the underlying cause of their epilepsy. I know IContinue reading “A relapse into hell’s kitchen”

Happy Three Year Brainaversary!

It’s hard to believe that 1,095 days of seizure freedom have passed! The time where a couple of weeks without a seizure felt like a victory is now a distant memory. I am so happy and thankful for my family and friends who’ve helped me along the way. I can never repay them for all the loveContinue reading “Happy Three Year Brainaversary!”

Purple Day for Epilepsy 2015

Tomorrow is Purple Day – Epilepsy Awareness Day! People around the world are encouraged to wear purple to raise awareness about epilepsy and support those who live with it daily. I’ll be wearing my very best purple. Will you wear it with me, too? For more information about epilepsy and seizures, here are some helpful links.Continue reading “Purple Day for Epilepsy 2015”

It’s a game of the temporal lobe

My brain had always been training in the form of brain aerobics. It’s neurons spiraling into a frenzy, hardly left any time for rest. Brain aerobics isn’t fun, but choosing to create your own movements is very nice. As epilepsy has come to a close and mine has resumed, there is only one place I’d like to put thatContinue reading “It’s a game of the temporal lobe”