Monday Reflections: One in twenty-six

Twenty-six people living ordinary lives.
Some learning to walk for the very first time.
Others with wrinkles around their eyes.
All filled with dreams waiting to be realized.

Then, one of those twenty-six is caught off guard.
Their greens turned red. Their ups turned upside down.
Their life taken away by a silent, electrical terrorist.

One in twenty-six people will hear three life changing words.

You have epilepsy.

I’m the one in 26.

I will always be tired.
I will always have a foggy memory.
I will always be a tiny bit moody.
I will always wonder why.

But I will never give up.
I will fight for the next one in twenty-six.
I will be there to offer a helping hand.


Living with epilepsy isn’t easy, but it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve learned how strong I can truly be, and how I can make a difference. This past month, I was able to offer some advice to a girl who had just been diagnosed. Being able to help her make sense of everything and guide her through this difficult time has made every painful moment worthwhile. If I had decided not to get back up all those times I thought I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to offer her solace today. Sticking it out is difficult, but never impossible. Today I reflect on that. 

Tuesday Ramblings

Everyday we learn new things. Our surroundings make us look at things in a different way. What we hear shapes our thoughts and opinions. Whether we learn something good or bad, everything we perceive is processed. Visual, acoustic and tactile perceptions are encoded and become part of our short-term and even long-term memories.

Last week, I learned something VERY important. Okay, maybe it’s not that important, but something worth mentioning. It’s the last piece of solid advice my old boss passed down to me. So what is this great piece of wisdom he bestowed on me? Well, here it goes.

Everyone hates Mondays. They are terrible because the fun has come to an end, and we must carry on with our adult responsibilities. Plus, who can possibly love a day that marks the conclusion of happy times?

On Tuesday, everyone has just survived Monday, but the long week is still ahead. Friday can’t even be seen in the distance.

On Wednesday, everyone is like “Yass, it’s humpday!” We’re almost there, and the worst is far behind us.

On Thursday, you can see the finish line! Friday Jr is here, and freedom is just around the corner.

On Friday, everyone is FRIYAY! We have those Friday feelings, and the finish line to happy hour is finally here.

In conclusion, there is no point to Tuesday. It is by far the worst day of the week, and it simply sucks!

Life is but a waterfall

Sometimes there are no words to describe your thoughts because they are a jumbled up mess. Sometimes curve balls get thrown your way, and you can’t dodge them. Sometimes you feel so lost that there is no way of finding your way back. Then, from out of nowhere, there is a tiny ray of light shining through the dark clouds. There is someone out there who makes you feel like you aren’t alone and everything is going to be alright. Continue reading

Monday Reflections: Why must weekends end?

Melodic sounds of Bach and Mozart hum through my ears.
The aroma of fresh, hot coffee fills the air.
It’s a slow morning, much like all Mondays are.

One wishes weekends could be long-lasting.
One wishes we could have slept just a bit longer.
But weekdays have a way of getting here before expected.

I know “end” is in the word, which is why it doesn’t last.
But why can’t there be more days in the weekends?



I have a hole in my head. What’s your excuse?

MRI Scan

There’s a hole in my head.
There’s a hollow place in my temporal lobe.
A faulty memory, after surgery was a nuisance.
Yet, I find myself three years later a better Einstein.

There’s less brain matter in my head.
And there’s more space for my cerebrum to wiggle.
But I find myself with more intellect than some around me.

There are certain people with no hole in their heads.
Their brain matter at 100% capacity.
Yet, I find them no closer than having the intelligence of a simpleton.

Did brain surgery leave me smarter, or did it show me how to tell the dumb ones from the smart ones?

Monday Reflections: Not Again

They say with age you get wiser, and through those years, you’ll learn from your mistakes. I guess I haven’t.

When I was seven, my parents were expanding the house. I should have known that construction and nails come hand in hand, but I was a kid; and it was summer.  It was just 85 degrees, which is very good weather considering hot Texas summers.

Eager to do who knows what outside, I ran out of the house without my shoes on. I wasn’t much more than a few feet out the door when I felt something pierce the bottom of my right foot.

Instantly, I remembered what my parents told me time and time again. “Don’t go outside without your shoes on!”

As I lifted my leg, I saw blood dripping down. Oops, I thought. I knew my parents wouldn’t be so happy about this.

I hopped all the way inside, leaving behind a red trail. They found it funny seeing me hop around. Their happy expression soon faded, as their glance fell on my foot. My mom being a mom started to cry. Giving me a disapproving look, my dad took a look to see the damage I’d made.

The thing I should have learned from this is to never go out barefoot when nails could be near by. Now, let’s flash forward two decades later.

Summer, 85 degrees, barefoot, water gun fight…nails…blood

Yes, I did it again! I managed to get stabbed by a nail on my right foot.

No one told me to run toward the guest house being constructed in the back of my parent’s house. No one told me to, but I just needed to get away so I could load up on some more water ammo.

I’m an adult now so it would look very ridiculous to see me hopping around. Instead, I just hold the pain in, as I try to walk as normal as possible.

So what do I reflect on today, then? Should I reflect on the things children do that they shouldn’t, or do I reflect on the fact that adults do the same things too?


All beginnings start with goodbyes

Black caps with all sorts of colored tassels can be seen flying in the air, and we all know what this means. Graduation season is here! And all the hard work has finally paid off!

With the completion of any chapter, one thing is certain. There will always be goodbyes. I dislike the bye and prefer the see you later, but saying the word is inevitable.

I graduated college several years ago with a date I won’t say. The year will tell my age, and it’s something I’d rather not tell right now. Let’s just say I’m less than halfway from taking the “over the hill” title.

This is a little something I wrote when I was about to graduate from college. I’m pretty sure we all once did or will share this exact moment and feeling.

—————————————————————————————— Continue reading

Monday Reflection: I am Groot!

It’s Monday again! So who is ready to start off the new week and let go of the weekend? Sadly, I know several of us aren’t, but it’s okay. We just need to remind ourselves that there is a new week ahead of us, and we can make it even better than the one before.

If you’re not sure what to do with this week, consider ‘I am Groot’. This phrase is anything you want it to be. It might be a “I’m going to work dressed up as a Ninja Turtle” kind of day or  I’m going to walk with just one foot” day.

Whatever it is, make it yours! I hope you have a happy Monday because I am Groot! 🙂


Monday Reflections

Weekends are fun and relaxing. When Monday comes along, we remind ourselves we’re not children, but all grown up. I know it would be wonderful to sit in a tiny pool and play all day, but adults can’t do that. Mondays are for stepping out of the baby pool and taking a dive to swim in the adult world!


growing up