Monday Reflections: Hidden Turmoil

She's amiable and pleasant, a vibrant smile always on her face.She's friendly in conversation, just laughs and jokes around.She's all around cheerful, and she's so undeniably happy. All signs show no indication of sadness or anger.From the outside, everything seems more than okay.But, what's on the surface is a perfectly curated facade.  She smiles widely, … Continue reading Monday Reflections: Hidden Turmoil

Monday Reflections: Lingering Monster

A fun-filled night out with friends. A few good smiles and laughs. Some heartbreaking news. Some sorrow-filled tears. Whatever the reason. Whatever the cause. The memories still haunt. The monster still lingers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been seizure free for 15 months now. It's a length of time that I thought I would never see again, but … Continue reading Monday Reflections: Lingering Monster

Dear Mom,

Mom, I could tell you that you're the best friend any girl could ever ask for. I could tell you that you're the kindest person in the entire world. I could tell you that you're the strongest and loveliest person I know. I could tell you all these things, but I'd only be saying what … Continue reading Dear Mom,

Here and There

This is something I wrote back in 2007 when I was adjusting to college and being on my own for the first time. As graduation season comes to a conclusion, I feel the following poem is only appropriate. Going off to college means being surrounded by an unfamiliar environment that is filled with so much … Continue reading Here and There