Monday Reflections: Music is all we need.

Doop doop doop du doop Swoosh swoosh swoosh… zing! La la la la di di daaaa Plink plunk plink plunk Snap Snap Snap … Boom! Oooo Ooooo Oooooo It doesn’t matter what melodies you listen to. Music can make you laugh, smile and even cry. Just listen to whatever feels right.

Not a Monday, but a Tuesday Reflection: Nature’s Music

In life, there are storms. My Monday turned out to be a Tuesday. The weather caused the electricity to go out, but I can still reflect on the music around us. The cold wind sings. The thunder roars. The rain drips and drops.   When the weather becomes overbearing, remember there is a sunrise at the endContinue reading “Not a Monday, but a Tuesday Reflection: Nature’s Music”

My (Surprisingly Pleasant) Trip to the Doctor

I wasn’t looking forward to my MRI today. I’ve never liked being in enclosed spaces, especially one that makes annoying and loud noises. Well, it was different this time. The MRI technician was AWESOME! “What would you like to listen to?” he asked. “I’m being serious. The entire internet is at your disposal.” He didn’tContinue reading “My (Surprisingly Pleasant) Trip to the Doctor”