Neurosurgery Graduation Day!!!

I awoke this morning a lot earlier than I usually do. Despite my bed inviting me back to sleep, I had to fight the urge to close my eyes. The time for my two-year MRI scan and neurosurgery check-up was here, and I needed to make my way to the hospital. I’m not particularly fondContinue reading “Neurosurgery Graduation Day!!!”

My (Surprisingly Pleasant) Trip to the Doctor

I wasn’t looking forward to my MRI today. I’ve never liked being in enclosed spaces, especially one that makes annoying and loud noises. Well, it was different this time. The MRI technician was AWESOME! “What would you like to listen to?” he asked. “I’m being serious. The entire internet is at your disposal.” He didn’tContinue reading “My (Surprisingly Pleasant) Trip to the Doctor”