Hawaii…I miss you.

I miss the warm morning rays. I miss the cool winter breeze. I miss the glorious views. About you, I miss everything. Will I see you again? Only time will tell. But, until then, I’ll hold onto your dreamy memory.

Monday Reflections: Lingering Monster

A fun-filled night out with friends. A few good smiles and laughs. Some heartbreaking news. Some sorrow-filled tears. Whatever the reason. Whatever the cause. The memories still haunt. The monster still lingers. ——————————————————————————————————————————— I’ve been seizure free for 15 months now. It’s a length of time that I thought I would never see again, butContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Lingering Monster”

Seizure free for one year!!!

Memories of the past three years float around in my mind. As I sort through the trying and sunny times, it’s almost impossible to put all my feelings into words. There is heartache for the loved ones I’ve lost along the way. There is fright and frustration for the storms I’ve had to face. There isContinue reading “Seizure free for one year!!!”

Once you learn to read, there is no stopping you from reaching your goals.

  Letters turn into words, which combine to form sentences. With these tools, life is jotted down and history is recorded. Through those stories, we learn, adapt and become better. But what’s the use of black ink on paper? What’s the use of literature with no one there to read? In our youth, what weContinue reading “Once you learn to read, there is no stopping you from reaching your goals.”

Missing Grandma

Four years have come and gone. 1,460 days have arrived and passed. Time wasted no time to stand still. The world just kept turning round. For 35,040 hours, I’ve missed you. For 2,102,400 minutes, my heart has ached. I know you’re in a better place. I know your pain is no more. But I wish I couldContinue reading “Missing Grandma”

Life is but a waterfall

Sometimes there are no words to describe your thoughts because they are a jumbled up mess. Sometimes curve balls get thrown your way, and you can’t dodge them. Sometimes you feel so lost that there is no way of finding your way back. Then, from out of nowhere, there is a tiny ray of lightContinue reading “Life is but a waterfall”

A toast to endings and new beginnings

A force of energy and excitement surrounds me. I’ll be leaving the familiar for the unknown. I’ll be taking on a new adventure where possibilities will be endless. Amongst the enthusiasm for the anticipation of the new journey, hidden underneath is a sense of loss and heartache. I’ll miss the wonderful shared conversations. I’ll missContinue reading “A toast to endings and new beginnings”

Monday Reflections: The Battle of the Youngest

Being the youngest has it’s advantages, but it definitely has it’s disadvantages, too. This is something I wrote a decade ago, but fitting for National Sibling’s Day. Although my siblings gave me more headaches than I could count growing up, I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. They’ve always been there for me throughContinue reading “Monday Reflections: The Battle of the Youngest”

Monday Reflections: Not Again

They say with age you get wiser, and through those years, you’ll learn from your mistakes. I guess I haven’t. When I was seven, my parents were expanding the house. I should have known that construction and nails come hand in hand, but I was a kid; and it was summer.  It was just 85 degrees, which is very good weather considering hot Texas summers.Continue reading “Monday Reflections: Not Again”