Neurosurgery Graduation Day!!!

I awoke this morning a lot earlier than I usually do. Despite my bed inviting me back to sleep, I had to fight the urge to close my eyes. The time for my two-year MRI scan and neurosurgery check-up was here, and I needed to make my way to the hospital. I’m not particularly fondContinue reading “Neurosurgery Graduation Day!!!”

Here and There

This is something I wrote back in 2007 when I was adjusting to college and being on my own for the first time. As graduation season concludes, I feel the following poem is only appropriate. Going off to college means being surrounded by an unfamiliar environment that is filled with so much potential. It meansContinue reading “Here and There”

All beginnings start with goodbyes

Black caps with all sorts of colored tassels can be seen flying in the air, and we all know what this means. Graduation season is here! And all the hard work has finally paid off! With the completion of any chapter, one thing is certain. There will always be goodbyes. I dislike the “bye” and preferContinue reading “All beginnings start with goodbyes”

TBT: The Chrysalis

It’s graduation season, and today is Throwback Thursday. Here is something I wrote my senior year in college, and it’s a little bit of both. Flashback: May 2010 ************************************************************ A butterfly is beautiful, delicate and free. Each is unique. Their rainbow patterns differ one from the other. Each sways gracefully with an everlasting hope toContinue reading “TBT: The Chrysalis”