I have a hole in my head. What’s your excuse?

There’s a hole in my head. There’s a hollow place in my temporal lobe. A faulty memory, after surgery was a nuisance. Yet, I find myself three years later a better Einstein. There’s less brain matter in my head. And there’s more space for my cerebrum to wiggle. But I find myself with more intellect thanContinue reading “I have a hole in my head. What’s your excuse?”

Monday Reflections: Six Months Seizure Free

  To: My very own Hidden Disorder For the longest time, you controlled me. You held on tightly and wouldn’t let me be. Six months ago today, I made a choice. And I now no longer hear your voice. Our friendly fights are over. There is now a sense of closure. My friendly enemy, it’sContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Six Months Seizure Free”

Gamma-Radiate Me

I left off at the beginning last time so this is sometime in between. Over the past years, I’ve undergone several tests to help prepare me for surgery. Looking back at them now, the order has become blurred. Yet, there is always something that stands out of any pile of mess. Here is mine. FlashbackContinue reading “Gamma-Radiate Me”