Change is a comin’

There’s a pep in my step. There’s a little hop in my walk. There’s no need for slumping. There’s no need for feeling down. The storm has come and passed. And it’s time for rebuilding. There’s no denying there’s a lot of work to do. A whole lot of mess was left behind. But I canContinue reading “Change is a comin’”

Medical Questionares: Is it yes or no?

In medical questionnaires, there is never a “maybe”. There is only a “yes” or a “no”. Those yellow carbon papers, I’ve filled time and time again, always included that one haunting “yes”. I didn’t experience dizziness, change in speech, tremors, numbness, loss of strength, etc. My “yes” existed because of my epileptic seizures. I strongly dislike checking this little boxContinue reading “Medical Questionares: Is it yes or no?”

Monday Reflections: Change

Everyday we are consumed in our daily routines, never really noticing the passage of time. We go from point A to point B and back to the beginning all over again. Today I reflect on the changes that come with the passing of time. A scale of change occurs everyday. It’s in the tiny, monumental moment whereContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Change”