Monday Reflections: Life

When life gets blue and the sun is nowhere to be found. Sit on a bench and let your thoughts run loose. Somewhere amongst the shades and slight breeze, you’ll find a way to smile through your grief. It might take more than a moment, maybe even years. But I know you can get there, evenContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Life”

Monday Reflections: Life and Death

Life begins with an inhale and ends with an exhale, and at both moments, tears are shed. Happy tears welcome the newborn baby. Melancholy tears bid a loved one farewell. While we look forward to the former and dread the coming of the latter, we can’t deny that both hold lovely memories. The beginning brings out hope in theContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Life and Death”

Monday Reflections: Six Months Seizure Free

  To: My very own Hidden Disorder For the longest time, you controlled me. You held on tightly and wouldn’t let me be. Six months ago today, I made a choice. And I now no longer hear your voice. Our friendly fights are over. There is now a sense of closure. My friendly enemy, it’sContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Six Months Seizure Free”

Monday Reflections: When are you too old for something?

When is it time for birthday parties and gifts to come to an end? Who decides when this special day you’ve waited for all year will be no more? Is it when height no longer determines whether you can get on a ride at a theme park? Is it when you no longer sit atContinue reading “Monday Reflections: When are you too old for something?”

Monday Reflections: Will you keep in touch?

People come in and out of our lives constantly. Strangers become acquaintances. Acquaintances become friends. Some friends become part of our past, and the cycle begins again. I spent the greater part of last week catching up with an old friend. Our last words were exchanged in August 2010. Four years later, we have pickedContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Will you keep in touch?”

Monday Reflections: Life’s Deal

Sometimes we win at poker and sometimes we don’t. We can’t expect to always be dealt a good hand of cards. When the chips are down, it feels hard to go on. This is why I have my smiling poker face. Smile girl smile Though the world hits you hard Smile girl smile Though theContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Life’s Deal”

Not a Monday, but a Tuesday Reflection: Nature’s Music

In life, there are storms. My Monday turned out to be a Tuesday. The weather caused the electricity to go out, but I can still reflect on the music around us. The cold wind sings. The thunder roars. The rain drips and drops.   When the weather becomes overbearing, remember there is a sunrise at the endContinue reading “Not a Monday, but a Tuesday Reflection: Nature’s Music”

Monday Reflections: Little Things Make a Difference

It might be cliché to read ‘little things make a difference’. Who hasn’t heard it several times before? I’ve heard it more times than I count, but it’s true and definitely worth repeating. Life is built on those little things. They help us grow and appreciate everything around us. As I ponder everything from theContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Little Things Make a Difference”

Monday Reflections: Growing Up is Hard to Do!

When I was younger, I always said I wanted to be a Toys “R” Us kid! I never wanted to grow up, and this remains true. When I was six, I wanted to fly to Neverland. When I was eight, I wanted to be recruited as a Power Ranger. When I was thirteen, I wanted toContinue reading “Monday Reflections: Growing Up is Hard to Do!”