Monday Reflections: Hidden Turmoil

She’s amiable and pleasant, a vibrant smile always on her face.
She’s friendly in conversation, just laughs and jokes around.
She’s all around cheerful, and she’s so undeniably happy.

All signs show no indication of sadness or anger.
From the outside, everything seems more than okay.
But, what’s on the surface is a perfectly curated facade. 

She smiles widely, but all she wants to do is frown.
She laughs loudly, but all she wants to do is cry.
She’s jovial, but she doesn’t feel that way inside. 

Deep within, there is a terrifying ferocious blue storm.
Tucked inside, there is a maddening fiery red chasm.
What no one can see is how she’s so desperately alone. 

We only ever get to see the parts people want us to see, but this doesn’t mean our loved ones don’t want us to be there for them. Check in with your friends and family because you never know when they need you the most. And, today I reflect on that.

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