Stronger than the storm…six-months seizure free!

After three years, I never thought the monster would awaken. Twenty months ago, what I thought would never happen again did. With the simple passing of time, the tides rose to all-time high, and the storm struck violently once again.

There weren’t any signs. There wasn’t a single indication December 23rd would be any different. I thought the solution had been found, but the tempest came to prove me otherwise. Within a few minutes, I’d lost consciousness. My body convulsed and foam began to spill from my throat. The seizures had returned to leave me broken and weary.

As I faced the monster head on, I knew this time would be different. The struggle would be more trying, but this didn’t mean I wouldn’t be able to overcome it. I had years of experience, and I knew I would come out of it much stronger.

This isn’t to say I never lost myself in the process. When you are faced with uncontrollable pain, combined with an extreme sense of exhaustion, it gets to a point where it becomes difficult to smile. The seizures continued, and nothing seemed to bring them under control. At times, I’d lost all hope.

When hopelessness set in, I looked at my surroundings. In every corner, I was reminded that there wasn’t anything to fret about. I had family and friends who continued to support me. Their love and kindness are a reminder that I could beat this. I wasn’t going to give up because failure was not an option.

As I face today head on, all I can do is smile. I DID IT! I’M SIX MONTHS SEIZURE FREE!!!

Today wouldn’t be possible without everyone who has followed on the sidelines cheering me on. To all of you, I want to say THANK YOU!!! You are the best champions one could ever ask for!



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