It’s a…puppy!

I’m a mother of a four-legged friend now. I’m responsible for the well-being of someone other than myself. I’m learning to wake up earlier than usual so we can go for walks. I’m learning to distinguish her occasional whines and whimpers. It’s nice having a little puppy following you around. It’s wonderful knowing she’s mineContinue reading “It’s a…puppy!”

Change is a comin’

There’s a pep in my step. There’s a little hop in my walk. There’s no need for slumping. There’s no need for feeling down. The storm has come and passed. And it’s time for rebuilding. There’s no denying there’s a lot of work to do. A whole lot of mess was left behind. But I canContinue reading “Change is a comin’”

Monday Reflections: The Battle of the Youngest

Being the youngest has it’s advantages, but it definitely has it’s disadvantages, too. This is something I wrote a decade ago, but fitting for National Sibling’s Day. Although my siblings gave me more headaches than I could count growing up, I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. They’ve always been there for me throughContinue reading “Monday Reflections: The Battle of the Youngest”

I have a hole in my head. What’s your excuse?

There’s a hole in my head. There’s a hollow place in my temporal lobe. A faulty memory, after surgery was a nuisance. Yet, I find myself three years later a better Einstein. There’s less brain matter in my head. And there’s more space for my cerebrum to wiggle. But I find myself with more intellect thanContinue reading “I have a hole in my head. What’s your excuse?”