Fourth of July Memories


It’s that time again when smoke from hot grills surround us. The smell of barbecue fills the air and lit up multi-colored fireworks can be seen in the sky.

Today is the Fourth of July!

Today, the US flag is held up high, as we remember our nation’s history, and how today marks our independence day. It’s a day where we can smile because we are Americans!

However, as I think about today, I remember the call I received one year ago. I remember how, amongst her sobs, my sister said my grandmother had just passed away.

Fourth of July will never be the same again, but I know she wouldn’t want it to be any different. Although my heart aches, I need to make today special because she was very special. She was wonderful, and her presence lit up the sky more than any firework could.

My grandmother was bright and beautiful, and it only makes sense that she would go this day. She deserved to leave this world with a bang. She deserved her independence from this life so she could move on to one eternal.

As I stare at the fireworks today, I’ll remember that she’s amongst the stars, and she’s shining brighter than ever!



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