It’s a game of the temporal lobe

My brain had always been training in the form of brain aerobics. It’s neurons spiraling into a frenzy, hardly left any time for rest.

Brain aerobics isn’t fun, but choosing to create your own movements is very nice. As epilepsy has come to a close and mine has resumed, there is only one place I’d like to put that energy into good use.

On April 11, the National Walk for Epilepsy is where I’ll be! This is something I’ve always wanted to participate in, and I am thrilled that this year it will be possible!

My family will join me on this day, and we’ve created a team. It’s funny how deciding on one simple name can be harder than you think because nothing ever seems just right. After some thought, my indecisive family and I decided on a name.

My seizures always began in one place so it had to be a Game of the Temporal Lobe!

On April 11, join my team, Game of Temporal Lobe or create your own. Dare to participate in the National Walk for Epilepsy.



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