Monday Reflections: Almost Empty

Pill Box

For the past year, my neurologist has been weaning me off of my Keppra. Today marks two-weeks since I last took those oblong, white pills.

I look at my pillbox to find it’s almost empty. Little plastic boxes aren’t filled to capacity anymore. It’s hard to believe they’re almost gone because I never thought this day would come.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic, but I’m glad they’re gone. The feeling of nostalgia is born from the reminder of how those pills marked the end of the world for me, and how now it is a journey that made me stronger.

I’ve come to learn that the most difficult challenges shape you into the best you, you could ever be.

Today I reflect on how I managed to make it through this. By coming to accept and make peace with my epilepsy, there wasn’t anything I couldn’t accomplish.

I still have a lot of work left in this fight, but I can overcome this. One day, there won’t be a single pill in that pillbox.

It’s almost empty, and I’m completely full with determination to keep treading on.


Published by Vero

About me? I’m never good at these things, but here are the basics. I’m a journalism and film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. I'm a dedicated digital content nerd with over eight years of experience in digital content management, content writing, copy editing, and project management. Currently, I'm a staff writer for The American Genius, and I manage my personal blog that advocates for epilepsy awareness. I LOVE to bake! I like to challenge myself to learn new decorating and baking techniques. And although I’d love to say I’ve mastered everything and have never burnt a dessert, it simply isn’t true.

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