An Angel of God

They say time heals all wounds. I believe it isn’t just time that deserves all the credit. Healing is also found in our hopes and faith where we can bear the unbearable.

This is something I wrote after my grandfather passed away, and the peace I found after I let go of the anger.

Flashback –  February 10, 2007


The skies were dark. My vision was blurred.
How did I go on without you, Lord?
Years and years I strolled ahead but the feet,
which moved me, nowhere they lead.

My heart was broken. My life incomplete.
Lost I was in this frightening place.
And as I looked about, there was no consoling face.

What did I do that was so flawed?
What had I become that was so amiss?
Confusion. Distress. Impatience. Hate.

Who am I and who are you?
“A lost son of God you are,
A saint of love, I am.”

Why did His presence tame my infuriating heart?
Why did His coming make my existence whole?

No matter how many fluttering questions whirled in my mind,
His single spoken answer was what my heart had yearned for so long.

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”  (Mark 9:23)

The Angel of God saved me today.
In the form of a saint, He gave me a companion.
In the form of the Spirit, He replenished me with life.
And in the form of love, He bound me to His glory.

Now that you have found me, Lord,
Confusion, distress, impatience, hate are no more.
In you I find clarity.
In you I discover peace.
In you I learn patience,
And in you I experience love.

The skies have cleared. My vision has seen your light.
I love you, Lord, and in you, I find delight

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