As I attempt to organize and free up space on my laptop, I stumbled upon this. I wrote it right after my grandfather’s passing, and the words ring true right now more than ever. This month is the 8th anniversary of my grandfather’s death, and in a few days, it will be two-months since my grandmother passed away. Continue reading

The City View

The City View

Life is and always will be a little complicated. We’re all small pieces in this BIG world. When things seem overwhelming, take a step back and look at your surroundings. Amongst the towering buildings, there is a great view. There is a life where all you have to do is walk through and bloom.

Monday Reflections: Life

Park and Storms

When life gets blue and the sun is nowhere to be found. Sit on a bench and let your thoughts run loose.

Somewhere amongst the shades and slight breeze, you’ll find a way to smile through your grief.

It might take more than a moment, maybe even years. But I know you can get there, even through your tears.

Think about the good and the bad. Think about the happy and the sad. Darkness will dampen our spirits, but light will turns things ’round.

So sit on a bench, as the storm passes through. Before you know it, complete you’ll be once again.

TGIF Ramble

When you don’t know the news,
Maybe you should just Google it.

When you don’t know what to do,
Maybe you will StumbleUpon it.

When you don’t know the answer,
Maybe you can Wikipedia it.

When everything fails,
Just tweet about it