Monday Reflections: When are you too old for something?

When is it time for birthday parties and gifts to come to an end? Who decides when this special day you’ve waited for all year will be no more? Is it when height no longer determines whether you can get on a ride at a theme park? Is it when you no longer sit at the kids’ table, but the adults’?

If so, when are you considered too old for such things? I know I can’t complain about my age. I’m only twenty-six, but sometimes you just feel old.

My niece turned seven last Friday. I asked her why I couldn’t have parties anymore. She replied,  “You’re old! Old people aren’t supposed to have parties, gifts and fun.”

Maybe I’m getting old for a few things, but there is one thing I know for sure.  You’re never too old to be happy. Here’s a toast to old age and happiness!


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