Monday Reflections: Life’s Deal

Sometimes we win at poker and sometimes we don’t. We can’t expect to always be dealt a good hand of cards. When the chips are down, it feels hard to go on. This is why I have my smiling pokerface.

Smile girl smile
Though the world hits you hard

Smile girl smile
Though the problems keep on piling

Smile girl smile
Though your eyes start crying

Smile girl smile
Smiling keeps you living
Smiling keeps you strong

As I feel stronger and healthier each day, I see someone I love going the opposite direction. Sometimes I can’t fix everything, although I’d like to, but there are two things I can do. I can be strong for her as she was for me. I can smile as she smiled for me. We can’t expect to be dealt a good hand, but we also can’t forget there is a joker in the pack. We can always keep hoping.

As the memories of last week flow through my mind, I smile because of the time I got to spend with my loved one. I smile to show her everything will be alright. She smiles to show me how happy and grateful she is. It’s the strength in her smile that I think about. It’s a beautiful picture I will keep and cherish dearly.

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