Am I really that scary?

Photo of someone's desk

I’m starting to scare people at work. I wonder if this is a bad thing. In July, I will have worked at my job for two years. I figured my coworkers would get used to me by now. I guess I was wrong. I might be a little crazy, but I do have a valid excuse. I did have brain surgery. Cut me a break people!

When I started my new job, I was the quiet girl who sat at her desk, did her work and didn’t bother anyone. With two Ninja Turtles, Thor, Captain America, the Doctor, the Tardis, a weeping angel, Madame Vastra and a dinosaur coaster sitting on my desk, it isn’t hard to tell I have a personality. A geeky personality at best.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. 
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Just the other day, the CEO of our company was walking around the office. He stopped by my desk to say hello and asked me how I was doing. This is what he said.

 “You’re starting to scare everyone. They have been noticing you’re more talkative. I’m starting to realize you have a dark side.”smile

I responded by tapping my fingers together and saying, “I don’t have a dark side…yet.” I gave him a sweet, deceiving smile.

“I knew it!” he replied.

Why am I so scary? Apparently, it’s hard to believe that so much noise could possibly come out from someone so very quiet. I know I am a little quiet and shy, but I’m not a Hermit. Definitions for anything vary from person to person though. I have to accept mine is different from theirs.

Those around me notice a difference in me. Here is today’s example.

“I’m still the same person,” I tell Bud.

“That’s debatable. You’ve been different since your surgery. You’re scary. Have you been nice to my friend?” He points to the person sitting across from me.

“I’m not mean to him,” I tell Bud. “Have I been mean to you Nick?”

“Pretty much,” he replies.

“This isn’t true. I’m not mean to anyone,” I insist.

This is my daily routine now. I’m trying to convince everyone I’m still the same, but somehow that makes it less and less believable. I don’t think I’m scary. I don’t think I’ve ever been. I haven’t changed. I am who I’ve always been.

I can’t blame them entirely for their remarks. I’ve turned a whole 180 degrees since surgery. They didn’t know my animated, easygoing, lively, and playful manner before. They do now. With time, I’m sure they will get used to it.

For me, brain surgery has equaled fun, crazy, silly, goofy, talkative, and everything else in between! Please forgive me if I’m just happy as a scary clown. I’m just glad that I can say, I’ve been seizure free for over four months now.

I don’t mind people looking at me like I’m going nuts, as long as I’m going nuts happy! They aren’t staring at me because I’m having a seizure, but because they don’t know what shenanigans to expect next. :p

I’m really not scary. I really don’t have a dark side. At least, not yet.

I’m still me with just a dash of more attitude!

Well, it’s Friday again!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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About me? I’m never good at these things, but here are the basics. I’m a journalism and film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. I'm a dedicated digital content nerd with over eight years of experience in digital content management, content writing, copy editing, and project management. Currently, I'm a staff writer for The American Genius, and I manage my personal blog that advocates for epilepsy awareness. I LOVE to bake! I like to challenge myself to learn new decorating and baking techniques. And although I’d love to say I’ve mastered everything and have never burnt a dessert, it simply isn’t true.

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