Monday Reflections: Rain or Shine to SXSW We Go!

I can’t really remember much from last week. My mind is filled with thoughts about my trip to South by South West (SXSW) this past weekend. For those of you who don’t know, SXSW is a combination of film, interactive and music festivals in Austin, Texas.

This year I spent my time in the interactive portion of the event. I was caught up in the Gaming Expo and absorbed by the Marvel panels. We were able to chat with actor Clark Gregg over Skype. We even got to watch a scene from the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie.

Winter SoldierI got a signed copy of an exclusive Winter Soldier variant cover comic. Only 300 printed and I held one in my hands. I am a lucky girl!

I also found the Doctor’s Tardis.  He wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure he was out there saving the world!

New video games, 3D printers and robotics surrounded us. Gaming characters were everywhere. I even saw Wall-E! I had to be careful though. I almost came face to face with the end. Try to avoid Death as much as possible. :p

We went to the Game of Thrones exhibit. The line was long and rain poured on us, but we were determined to see it. As I sat on the Iron Throne, I realized the wait was worth it!

I visited two of my favorite restaurants, Madam Mam’s and Hula Hut. I really missed some good Austin food, and it was nice to get my fix.

Life Crossed Out and Rewritten

Also, you can’t visit Austin and not go to Toy Joy. This mom and pop toy store sells your classic board games to the craziest gags you’d never imagine. It’s one of the things that make Austin so unique. I’m going to miss that place once it is gone.

We went to see Mondo’s Nothing’s Impossible gallery. Disney posters filled the room and it was very difficult not to purchase every single print. As we took a walk by the Colorado River, I was reminded again why Austin is so great! Random artwork decorated the bridge and streets everywhere.

austin art

SXSW was wonderful as usual and I am excited to see what next year will bring!

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