My (Surprisingly Pleasant) Trip to the Doctor

I wasn’t looking forward to my MRI today. I’ve never liked being in enclosed spaces, especially one that makes annoying and loud noises. Well, it was different this time. The MRI technician was AWESOME!

“What would you like to listen to?” he asked. “I’m being serious. The entire internet is at your disposal.” He didn’t just hand me earplugs, but headphones as well.

Have you ever had the pleasure to listen to sweet melodies when you are inside that mechanical tube? I can say that I have! I didn’t go in for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging today. Instead, I went to an MRI – Musical Relaxing Island. As I lay there, the voices of Michael Bublé and Josh Groban hummed through my ears.

Time flew by and the test was over. I didn’t come out with a headache. The IV didn’t leave a bruise.

“This is the best MRI I’ve ever had,” I told the technician. “The best MRI? I like that!” he replied. I have another one scheduled in three months. I have my fingers crossed it’s as good as this one.

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