Monday Reflections (wait….Monday Selfie!)

For the past week, there is one thing that won’t get out of my head!

“Maybe, I should take a selfie.”

I have to blame my brother for this! Last week, I posted a photo of my broken phone on Facebook with the description- “My phone decided to take a selfie before it went to rest. #selfie #deadphone #timetoupgrade”

This was a huge mistake! This is the comment my brother had to offer.

I have nothing against selfie’s, but I’m one of the few people out there who would ever take one. Thinking about it though, I just realized I’ve taken one of the best selfies ever!

Jake Selfie

Yup! This is me next to Jake Gyllenhaal. The gym at the University of Texas at Austin is the place to be! There is a long story behind this, but that story will come at another time.

The week has just began and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a busy one. Maybe, I should just take a selfie! 🙂

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