Monday Reflections

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This whole blog thing is new to me so I’m not sure if there is such a thing as right or wrong. I’ve been thinking of what I should do with it. This is my attempt to start writing a small segment I would like to call “Monday Reflections”.  It will be a small entry, 500 words or less, contemplating on the week before.  And it begins —-Now!


10 weeks. 70 days. 1,680 hours. 100, 800 minutes.

Forgive me, if my math is incorrect, but the point I’m trying to make here is the importance this length of time means to me. This is how long I’ve been seizure free to date. Sitting back and taking this in, just makes me smile. I’m here. I’m well. I’m happy.

I can’t deny that blinking lights, hot temperatures, lack of sleep, missed dosages, emotional and hormonal changes frighten me. Triggers that I tried to avoid or cope with scare me because the want of being seizure free is so strong.  They come to mind, but I dismiss them. There is no point in worrying about the bad, but thinking about the brightness ahead.

I spent the weekend playing with my nieces. We skipped in circles, jumped around like bunnies and attempted to dance. I’m not ashamed to say they did a lot better than me.  I don’t have the dancing gene.

Two months ago, I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things. I was the feeble post-surgery patient that could barely stand up.  I’m doing better now! I’m getting stronger everyday. Today I reflect on that.

Today I look at the little things that seemed impossible to accomplish. The walk from my bedroom to the couch doesn’t leave me exhausted. Sitting down to eat a meal is possible. There is strength in my arms to hold my laptop and there is just enough attention span left to write this all out.

I appreciate everything I have and look forward to the days ahead.


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About me? I’m never good at these things, but here are the basics. I’m a journalism and film graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. I'm a dedicated digital content nerd with over eight years of experience in digital content management, content writing, copy editing, and project management. Currently, I'm a staff writer for The American Genius, and I manage my personal blog that advocates for epilepsy awareness. I LOVE to bake! I like to challenge myself to learn new decorating and baking techniques. And although I’d love to say I’ve mastered everything and have never burnt a dessert, it simply isn’t true.

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